Eternally grateful for every friendship.

“Four years ago today and 51 pounds lighter, I signed a deal with a crazy men from the Congo. I’m super happy for what I lost physically and internally grateful for every friendship and all the love I’ve gained at this place since walking through this door.” — BRIANNA

My highest expectations have been met.

“My experience began as soon as I was met my Mike the chauffer, he escorted me back to the camp, a close 20 minute ride and as soon as I walked through the doors I knew I had made the right choice, the camp itself…., the facility…, the environment… and the energy was off the charts…”

I exceeded my health and fitness goals!

 “I have lost an additional 25 lbs, my waist is 8 inches smaller, and my goals are clearly within reach. I am convinced that staying the course with Warrior boot camp is essential to meeting, and most likely exceeding my health and fitness goals.” — WENDY O’CONNOR

I feel better than ever.

“I have lost 15 pounds and feel better than ever. The training style of the personal trainers is exceptional. The hardcore workouts are a life and body changing experience.” — MATHEW HANSEN U.S.M.C.

They have my highest recommendation.

“I can without equivocation give Warrior boot camp my highest recommendation. The staff takes a personal interest in helping you archive your goals. I am on target to reach my goal and have enjoyed the encouragement, caring attitude and sincere interest in helping me excel.” — TOM GRUNDY


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