At the Warrior Fitness and Wellness Camp, you can expect to gain strength, burn fat, build muscle, learn how to eat well and most importantly, get the support you need to ultimately achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Through personalized fitness, a balanced diet and the wellness education we provide, we give you all of the tools and knowledge to help you make sustainable healthy changes in your lives. From your trainers to your fellow wellness camp attendees, we will help ensure your journey is a success in every possible way. Depending on your goals and time frame, we offer week-long or multi-week wellness camps tailored to suit your needs.


Our chef addresses all kinds of food-related issues that result in eating disorders such as binging, emotional eating and overeating. You will be served healthy and delicious food in the right proportions, and be taught how to make food taste good and be good for you.

Meals are without gluten, artificial sweeteners, hormone and antibiotic fed meats and fillers. Meals offer premier, humanely raised meat, locally sourced organic produce, wild line caught fish and fresh herbs and spices.

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Through hard work, motivation and inspiring daily workouts led by our team of wellness camp trainers, including military veterans, we will help you achieve results. Your days at camp will consist of 5 to 6 hours a day of group exercise activities with fellow attendees, including hiking, swimming, spinning, boxing, high-intensity circuit training (HICT), weight training, stair climbing, meditation and yoga. Educational workshops are held twice a day. There will be other fun activities as well, including obstacle courses and our very own “muscle beach,” similar to the famous Muscle Beach located on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, CA.

A typical wellness camp day begins when the sun rises, and ends as it sets. See more details and a sample schedule here.




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At the Warrior Fitness and Wellness Camp, we conduct a hydrostatic body composition analysis for every attendee. This measures your weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, muscle and metabolic information while you’re in water, as it has been shown to provide the most accurate results. You will be measured at the beginning of your stay and at the end to see just how much you have accomplished during your time with us, and to help us help you set future goals. If your wellness camp program is longer than one week, your measurements will be taken weekly to make sure you stay on track and your habits are modified in a healthy, productive way.

We offer weekly massages and chiropractic care as needed.* You will also have the opportunity for a daily nap.


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* Individual results will vary. Additional cost for these services may be incurred. Contact us for more information.