High Intensity Circuit Training. In this class, depending on what muscle group is the focus for that day, you will build your strength, speed and agility through a combo of weights and cardio. Intervals are short, and intense with little rest in between.

High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) is a method of training that involves combining both cardiovascular and resistance training in the same workout, alternating upper and lower body moves as well as high intensity and lower intensity exercises. HICT is a challenging, total body routine that offers weight loss and strength building for ultimate results. Examples of activities used to in HICT class include dumbbell exercises, bodyweight exercises, circuit training, boxing and running. Each personal trainer at The Warrior Fitness Camp puts their own personal spin on HICT to keep clients motivated and provide a total body maximum intensity workout. You will melt fat and build lean muscle making for a stronger body.
This class is suitable for every type of exercise level. If you have a physical limitation the personal trainer will work with you to provide alternative movements. Classes typically take place in a heated room so always come well hydrated and prepared for a challenge.