Forced to serve in the Congolese civil war at the age of 11, Sergeant Tchicaya Missamou, US Marine, has assembled an extensive repertoire of military style exercises, training regimens and a dedicated team of fitness and wellness trainers who provide individually tailored workouts to suit the specific health and fitness needs of all members. From an early age, Tchicaya saw both his mother and grandmother suffer from obesity and diabetes, he promised himself to get an education so that someday he could help others.

“I want to inspire and improve the lives of everyone that walks through our door, we are our brothers and our sisters keepers and we are a community. At Warrior Fitness, we embrace everyone and and we accept you for who you are are, regardless of where you came from. At Warrior Fitness, we push you beyond your limit to a whole new level of life”.

Be ready to push yourself to levels you never thought possible or attainable.



“No one can ever deny that the Warrior Fitness and Wellness will get you results. If you fear coming in, it is normal. But as soon as you step in, you will be embraced by a positive energy that will take you to the mountain top. I will tell you, it’s never going to be easy, but together we can accomplish the greatest things that ever happened in our lives. If all of us can just set pride aside, and reach out to those who want to be reached, create bridges instead of walls, the Warrior Fitness and Wellness members and staff will never look down on you — unless it’s to pick you up. Your success is our success, and change begins now.”

— Tchicaya Missamou, Master Trainer, MBA



Your fitness goals are our mission — achieving them is our duty. This is accomplished through private training sessions which are supplemented with boot camp and group classes.


Honor. Courage. Commitment. We are honored to serve our members. We will encourage you to go above and beyond your limits. We are truly committed to seeing you succeed.