I have lost an additional 25 lbs

“Since joining Warrior Fitness, I have lost an additional 25 lbs, my waist is 8 inches smaller, and my goals are clearly within reach. For those of you who want an easy workout, and are perhaps willing to accept lesser results, there are conventional health clubs. As for me, I am convinced that staying the course with Warrior Fitness is essential to meeting, and most likely exceeding my health and fitness goals.” — WENDY O’CONNOR

I have lost 15 pounds

“Since joining two months ago, I have lost 15 pounds and feel better than ever. The training style of the personal trainers at Warrior Fitness is exceptional. It reminds me a lot of boot camp, with the hardcore workouts, combined with outstanding cardio classes. It is a life and body changing experience.” — MATHEW HANSEN U.S.M.C.

My highest recommendation

“Like so many people, I have been a member of a gym for many years. I can without equivocation give the Warrior Fitness Camp my highest recommendation. From the owner on down, the staff takes a personal interest in helping you archive your goals. Since joining, I am on target to reach my goal and have enjoyed the encouragement, caring attitude and sincere interest in helping me excel. If you have a gym membership that makes you feel better because you are a member, but you still breath hard going up the stairs, call the Warrior Fitness. These can help you too.” — TOM GRUNDY

I have been motivated

“I have belonged to many gyms in my life. None of them were as much fun or as dedicated to making you healthy as the Warrior Fitness Camp. The staff is very personable, knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. I have been motivated to get into better shape than I have been in years. And they are still striving to make me even stronger. I want to thank them for helping me to change my life for the better.” — NORA TITNER

Something unique

“Something unique about Warrior Fitness is that the owner and personal trainers are United States Marines. They manifest a straight forward dedication, honesty and sense of honor regarding their business that one would expect from U. S. Marines! They are the real deal. I recommend Warrior Fitness to family, friends, business associates and anyone who wants to be pushed to their personal limits and excel.” — JACK STONE

Warrior Fitness is awesome!!!

“I have been a member with Warrior Fitness for almost one year… and I have never had a fitness club push me to my limits like Warrior Fitness has. Tchicaya ‘the owner’ and his staff have pushed me to limits that I never thought I could have achieved and they honestly care about their clients. This place is hard core… if you’re looking for trainers who will challenge and encourage you and make you workouts hard but fun, then you have come to the right place!!!” — TANYA JANICEK

A ‘you fail, we fail’ attitude.

“If you are looking to join a gym where you can get lost in the crowd, look for a date, practice unlimited ‘jaw reps’, and where just having the membership card in your wallet will make you feel better, then Warrior Fitness is not for you. But if you’re looking for a serious training atmosphere with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff of U.S. Marines who will push you beyond your limits, and at the same time want to have fun and meet interesting people who are as determined as you are to get into shape, then check out Warrior Fitness. They truly have a ‘you fail, we fail’ attitude. And well, they don’t like to fail.” — JOHN JANICEK

No place like the Warrior Fitness

“I can guarantee to anyone that there is no place like the Warrior Fitness. They make each member surpass their own expectations. And just when I feel I have reached my limits, the Warrior Fitness members and staff are there to support and show me new limits. I enjoy it so much, that I also enrolled my daughter and son and now we work out together.” — MARY RAMIREZ

Best kept secret in town

“I have found Warrior Fitness a truly rewarding and unique experience. Anyone who is interested in getting into shape and having someone looking after you on a personal level, Warrior Fitness is for you. If you want to be just another sheep in the herd, then go to another gym where you all blend in. This is the best kept secret in town. Keep up the good work ‘Congo style’.” — D. EVANOF 

The trainers are fantastic!

“I just started working out at Warrior Fitness about six weeks ago, and I love it! All the trainers are fantastic! It’s a really inspiring and fun place to go. It’s like one big family. I’m really enjoying myself and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something different to motivate them and make them feel good about working out and getting in shape.” — NICKY GREEN

I now work out six days a week

“In the past, when I was a member at a gym and didn’t show up, no one cared. With Tchicaya, he will give me a call to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He even told me he would come and pick me up at the house to get me to the gym. His motivation and inspiration is what took me from a 54 year old male that never exercised to someone who now works out six days a week.” — BOB LEDERMAN

The Dr. was floored

“The Dr. was floored. He could not believe the dramatic change in the numbers He said, ‘Whatever you did, it’s amazing.’ He said he would check me again in a few months and continue to monitor things, but if I keep it up, NO DRUGS!!! …If you are willing to give it a try then all you have to do is show up, with heart, at Warrior Fitness, and get on the real train that leads to a happier, healthier life. It’s hard to explain the culture of it, but the energy of those who are there with you, working as hard as you do, pushing each other, cheering for each other… it’s awesome! It’s not a gym, It’s a way of life. Get there.” — RIC